Plans for a mixed-use project proposed for Mariner’s Mile are hitting the brakes—at least until the May 25th City Council meeting so city staff can return before the council members with answers to questions raised by concerned residents about the parking requirements, density bonuses and compliance of the overall project with city’s General Plan and Local Coastal Plan.  

The proposed mixed-use 2510 Project in Mariner’s Mile was heard at the City CouncilMeeting April 27th, 2021.  It initially received approval by the Planning Commission in February, but was pulled for further consideration by Mayor Brad Avery in March after Avery said he heard from residents that said they were concerned about the possible impacts of the project, which is one of several major developments expected to come down the line for the 1.3 mile stretch of Pacific Coast Highway. The project would replace an existing marine sales facility with a development thatIs expected to consist of three stories of 35 residential units and a one story 11,266 square foot boutique showroom with communal area above the showroom.  Of those 35 residential units, three would be designated low income.

Public comments Tuesday night consisted of residents expressing concern about the loss of views from John Wayne Park which has been protected by our General Plan and Local Coastal Plan.  Traffic and safety for children traveling through Newport Heights and on foot and bikes to Ensign and Newport Harbor High School from neighboring Lido Isle and the Peninsula was also noted.

Daily Pilot, Lily Nguyen “Mariner’s Mile Proposal on Ice”