Help Protect Mariner’s Mile 



The 1.3 mile stretch of Pacific Coast Highway known as Mariner’s Mile is part of the heart of Newport Beach! Let’s work together to encourage the City and developers to maintain the charm and historical value of MM. We need to stop the widening of PCH and enhance this neighborhood village. JOIN US!!


What’s Happening at Mariner’s Mile?




Council continues review of Mariners’ Mile mixed-use project


After more than two hours of discussions and comments from more than a dozen concerned residents this week, City Council decided to continue a proposed mixed-use project on Mariners’ Mile.

Council voted 4-1 on Tuesday, April 27, to continue the review of a mixed-use project at 2510 West Coast Highway until the second meeting in May. Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Muldoon dissented, and council members Marshall “Duffy” Duffield and Noah Blom recused themselves.

Mayor Brad Avery called for review of the Planning Commission’s Feb. 18 approval of the development, which consists of 35 residential dwelling units, including three affordable housing units, and an 11,266-square-foot boutique auto showroom on a 0.98-acre lot near Avon Street and PCH on Mariners’ Mile. The property is currently developed with a vacant marine sales use.

A Letter from the Board

“Enhance Our Community’s Quality of Life and Do No Harm”

We need your help to Respect, Protect and Preserve the Residential, Commercial and Environmental Qualities Of Our Bayside Town.

Our Coalition is pro responsible development, supporting projects that are compatible with the surrounding communities. Our members are residents, property and business owners who have already successfully influenced important issues – including Auto Nation Porsche Proposal along West Pacific Coast Highway, the Mariner’s Mile Revitalization Master Plan (PA2016-081), the Newport Beach Village (PA2017-253), Banning Ranch, and the Museum House.
In our view, Newport Beach City Council and the Planning Commission must use the General Plan Update process to work with the stakeholders to build community consensus to guide the future of Mariner’s Mile.  Without a clear vision guiding the transformation of Mariner’s Mile, ongoing efforts will continue to be suboptimal and disappointing.  We propose a Mariner’s Mile Steering Committee composed of the following stakeholders: CalTrans, Property Owners, Local Merchants, and Residents, and who will work within the General Plan Update structure to shape the future of Mariner’s Mile.

Together we can transform Mariner’s Mile into a thriving coastal gateway destination where residents and visitors can work, play, dine and shop in a safe environment. ​Imagine the possibilities of building a coastal village for people to enjoy.

Your neighbors,
Coalition to Protect and Enhance Mariner’s Mile

Please continue to help us maintain the charm of Mariner’s Mile from becoming “Miami Mile”